Friday, June 2, 2017



What I know about Fly-Fishing you could put on the head of a strait pin.  So when asked to visit Patagonia, I thought …this is my chance to learn!

In early March I flew to Buenos Aires and then to Bariloche and an hour drive to Villa Angostura.  Aroyo Verde, the famed Fly- fishing lodge, was further on down a dirt road.

No signs, no directions, just a general sense of where we were going, Anthony my naturalist guide, headed into the Traful river canyon. 15 minutes later we were greeted first by an authentic gaucho and then riders on horseback. After another 20 minutes, in the distance was a lovely chalet with a sculpture garden along a stream. Estancia Aroyo Verde! 

This private fishing and riding estancia is home of one of Argentina’s most elite families.  Located within the Nahuel Huapi National Park, the family managed lodge hosts visitors from across the globe.  The Traful River is also home to land-locked salmon, brown and rainbow trout.  This is a catch and release river with a season from November through April. In this remote setting, the fish, (some reaching 28 in. for salmon and 29 in. for Rainbows and Browns) swim right up to you in the crystal clear water.  Best of all, bring only your favorite fly rod.  Everything else is available on site. Imagine standing in the river surrounded by the Andes…what more could you ask for?  Miles of nothingness surrounds this pristine spot.

Rooms are cozy (all with private baths) and meals served family style. If lucky join the family for an Argentine style barbeque (Parillada) cooked outdoors by one of the resident gauchos. 

Fishing, horseback riding even mountain bikes are here for enjoyment.  Too bad I had to come back!


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