Friday, December 29, 2017



I know, I know......its cold outside!  The words of that old Dean Martin holiday song are not far from my mind at this time of year,

“The weather outside is frightful”, baby it's cold outside”, “I've got to go away “
“but  baby it's cold outside”...and so on.

.........and so goes the dreary winter weather....even here in Florida.  Today it is 48 degrees with a cold mist coming in from the ocean.
What better time to get out of town and retreat to the Caribbean on a sensational cruise or just a nice resort with a beautiful beach?

Yes the kids may be in school, but there are spring breaks and also long weekend cruises too. Disney Cruises does a quick 3 night cruise to the Bahamas complete with all the Disney Characters.  I took my girls on this one when they were about 7 years old and they talk about it even today.    To see the Princesses...yes all of them....descending the grand staircase to meet the children the night before we returned to Port Canaveral was almost as special as all the characters lining the path on the Disney’s Castaway Key for a day in the sun.   I will never forget when one of the girls told me that Captain Hook was just a man dressed in a costume.  When Mickey & Minney appeared, I asked “What about them?”.....”No Mom....THEY ARE REAL!”, my daughter told me with distain.

Port Canaveral is easily accessible from Orlando and flights to that city are even sometimes subsidized by Disney. You can combine your cruise and a visit to any of the theme parks for additional days. Port Canaveral is also the home port for many of the new larger megaships.

Royal Caribbean also has the megaship Enchantment of the Seas sailing from Canaveral. Carnival Cruise Lines and several others sail to the Eastern  and Western Caribbean each weekend from here too.

 Enchantment is a popular ship with all ages.  Most passengers are North Americans, but notoriety has also brought South Americans and some Europeans who also visit the theme parks.  Most foreigners (non  US citizens) have 3 weeks to a month of vacation continue their vacations

So.....why stay in cold dreary weather when you can be having a ball on board a floating city in the sun?  So no more excuses....get out and have some fun! Enjoy a cruise or a Caribbean Island as the hurricanes are gone and all the islands are back in business!





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