Monday, May 23, 2016


Who knew? Costa Rica has always been the darling of Adventure Travel, but just to the North and across the border in Nicaragua, is a secret waiting to explode.

Arriving at night in Managua, lighted electronic trees designed by the President’s wife, line the streets. Trees the symbol of life and so it is in Nicaragua. Costa Rica, once the symbol of nature and “Pura Vida” has become an extension of Miami. Nicaragua is now “naturaleza” in the true sense of the word,

Little was known about Nicaragua until the development of Mukul Resort one of the newest darlings of the luxury travel market in the world. Not only is there a fabulous hotel, but there are villas, and lots available to build a dream home.

Costa Rica is overbuilt with condominiums with names in English, and subdivisions to attract Americans at high prices. But Nicaragua is nature in the best form.
A mere 30 minute ride from Managua, historic Granada sets the tone of everything Latin American. Lovely buildings from the 18th century dot the streets and carts with horses or oxen pull products to market.

Best of all, everything in Nicaragua is about 2 hours distant at the most. Just a short 20 minute ride from Granada is the lovely Jicaro Resort set on an island in the middle of Lake………

Lovely pool and waterfront setting set the mood for these lovely two story bungalows where you can awake in the morning to a symphony of howler monkeys, birds and in the distance the mooing of cows and roosters greeting the sunlight. This lake boasts over 365 islands, some of which are for sale for the right price.

An hour from Granada toward the coast is quaint hippie town of San Juan del Sur. Reminiscent of Guatemala’s’ Panahachel…retired “hippies” from the 1960’s are living the good life on the beach along with tons of young people who have discovered it rich surfing life.

All along the Nicaraguan coast are beaches for fabulous surfing. Long curving waves stretch from one end to the other on secret bays and coastline. Playa Hermosa has some fantastic surfing and 10 foot high curls that roll in on a regular basis. Stay at Morgan’s Rock Resort, high on the hills nearby for fabulous hiking in the wilds with great birding as well as ferocious surf crashing. Tented cabins are so deluxe that they make camps on African Safari’s look simple by comparison.

Look no further for the newest and special real Central American destination. Nicaragua is a surprise symphony you won’t soon forget.

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