Sunday, March 19, 2017


Tierra means land in Spanish, and in Chile it means a chain of hotels that have made the most of three areas in this south american country that are so typical of the regions.
The northernmost  part of Chile, Tierra is located in the Atacama Desert.  At a heigh of 9000 ft, the stars at night on this high desert are spectacular.  The Tapatio Hot Springs come from the subvolcanic region below the earth and provide wonderful opportunities to swim after a long hike or sand boarding.
South of the capitol Santiago another Tierra is located on a special and very historic island of Chiloe. there are 3 tidal surges per dayn on chiloe and As Chile is a country lined with volcanos, there are Tsumami warnings everywhere. even with the regular tides, houses can be swamped easily the  Chilean people who live there have adapted and their homes called "palafitos" or houses on stilts.  All very colorful, these houses resist the constant fluctuations and an occasional Tsunami which can follow the occasional earthquake as well. Fishing, kayaking,hiking and horseback riding and visits to the surrounding small villages in the area are great activities.

Tierra Patagonia is perhaps the most iconic of all the hotels.  Built into the dunes of Toro Lake, the strong winds in Torres Del Paine national park, do not affect its location,while giving guests stunning views of the famed "Torres" from every vantage point. From here you can hike the area, horseback ride from any of the nearby haciendas, or take a boat to nearby Grey Glacier or even climb the "Torres", wheather permitting.
It used to be that a hiking vacation was done camping, or at a rough hostel.  With the three faces of can enjoy activities in Chile in luxury!

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